2020 Life Update

It’s a new year, and I’m starting it with a few changes in progress - December ended up being a whirlwind of activity!

The biggest change by far is that I’m leaving Makers. I’ve been coaching for two years now, and it’s definitely time for a change. I’ve got my next job lined up so I’ll share more details once I’ve started, but for now it’s enough to know that I’m going back to web development and couldn’t be happier :)

I’m also working on a whole host of small changes by re-committing to the habits I want to have in my life.

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What is a web app?

When I look back on my experience of learning to code, one thing that surprises me is just how long it took me to understand fundamental concepts about the web, and web apps. Specifically, what is meant by the terms ‘website’, ‘app’, ‘web app’, ‘mobile app’, and ‘native app’. For a long time I thought some of these could be used interchangeably, in particular I was very confused about the difference between a website and a web app!

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Debugging Process

debugging process

Today I ran a workshop introducing some of the new cohort at Makers to the idea of having a repeatable debugging process.

Most developers find this process naturally, and will apply it without giving it too much thought. But at Makers we are trying to rapidly up-skill developers, and help them to build good coding processes in weeks, not months or years.

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